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    Professor V
    After you have successfully created a Nerdwork community account, you’d need to edit your account profile.

    Editing your account profile entails adding basic info about yourself, uploading a profile picture of yourself, or any fun display picture of your choosing (although, a real image of yourself helps for credibility).

    Step 1

    Click on the profile avatar on the top right corner and click edit profile

    profile avatar > Edit Profile

    Step 2

    Edit your basic info, such as your name, and nickname.

    Note: Your nickname is your default display name.

    Click on the “update profile” button to apply changes.

    Step 3

    Click on additional fields

    Update your info as required;

    Your date of birth

    Your gender, and

    Your address.

    Click on the “upload image” button to change your avatar. !IMPORTANT, UPLOAD A SQUARED IMAGE LESS THAN 1MB IN SIZE!

    Upload your cover image. It should be less than 1MB in size also.

    Step 4

    To update your social media account, click the drop-down arrow on icon, as shown in the image below

    Select the appropriate social media icon for your account

    Type in the link to your profile

    You can remove an icon using the remove icon button, or add an icon using the add icon button

    Repeat the same step to add your other social media accounts.

    Once you’re done, click on the “save changes” button, and you’re all done


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